University of Illinois at Chicago
IVF Program
Chicago, Illinois
1801 West Taylor Street
Suite 4A
Chicago , Illinois
                               (312) 355-4205                                

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The University of Illinois Center for IVF & Fertility, located in Chicago,is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art fertility treatments for couples who have been unable to achieve a successful pregnancy and to advance our knowledge of these disorders through ground breaking translational research. The University of Illinois Center for IVF & Fertility Team is comprised of  nationally recognized physicians and embryologists who are on the forefront of infertility treatment and reproductive endocrine disorders.

Please feel free to contact our team members with questions or concerns you may have.

New Patients: (312) 355.2634

Return Visits: (312) 355.2634

Answering Service After Hours: (312) 355.4205

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm



General Nursing Issues


Yesenia Vargas, MS, RN, APN
REI Nurse           
Phone (312) 355.2740

Fax      (312) 355.3161


Office or Personnel Issues


Ashley Reid, MHSA

Clinical Director of Physician Practice

Phone (312) 413.7388

Fax      (312) 413.8331


IVF Nursing Issues

Yesenia Vargas, MS, RN, APN
IVF Nurse

Phone (312) 355.2740

Fax      (312) 355.3161


Billing Issues

Margarita Duran

Billing Operations

Phone (312) 996.4322

Fax      (312) 355.3161



Michelle Fierro, BS
Phone (312) 355.2706
Fax      (312) 355.3161

 Medical Assistants


Rosa Herrera, MA

Outpatient Care Center

Phone (312) 355.2634

Fax      (312) 355.3161

Referring Physician Information:
A talented staff of physicians, nurses, therapists, technologists and other health professionals bring expertise to every aspect of patient care at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System. Please contact 312.355.2634 

For general questions or concerns please contact:
Phone (312) 355.2634
Fax (312) 355.3161




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